Félix García de Villegas

Secret History of the Dividing Line (David Gatten, 1996-2004)

1. David Gatten. Secret History of the Dividing Line (Xcéntric. Temporada 2010-2011)
Secret History of the Dividing Line (1996-2002), The Great Art of Knowing (2004), Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises, or The Doctrine of Handy-works Applied to the Art of Printing (1999), The Enjoyment of Reading, Lost and Found (2001), How to Conduct a Love Affair (2007).

2. Artists in Focus: Robert Beavers. Robert Beavers Films + Robert Beavers in Cinematek (Courtisane Festival)
Robert Beavers film, part 1: Ruskin (1975/1997), The Suppliant (2010), Pitcher of Colored Light (2007).
Robert Beavers film, part 2: Early Monthly Segments (1968-70/2002), Work done (1972/1999), AMOR (1980).
Robert Beavers film, part 3: Winged Dialogue (1967/2000), Plan of Brussels (1968/2000), From the Notebook of ... (1971/1998), The Painting (1972/1999).
Robert Beavers film, part 4: Wingseed (1985), Sotiros (1976-78/1996), Efpsychi (1983/1996).
Robert Beavers film, part 5: The Hedge Theatre (1986-90/2002), The Stoas (1991-97), The Ground (1993-2001).

Jack Smith (MoMA)
Jack Smith Program 1: Respectable Creatures (1950–66), Scotch Tape (1959–62), Overstimulated (1959–63), Flaming Creatures (1962–63).
Jack Smith Program 2: Yellow Sequence (1963–65), Jungle Island (1967), No President (1967–70).
Jack Smith Program 3: Normal Love (1963–65).
Jack Smith Program 4: I Was a Male Yvonne DeCarlo (1967–70s), Song for Rent (1969), Hot Air Specialists (1980s), Cobra Woman (1944, Robert Siodmak).

3. Nathaniel Dorsky (El cielo en la tierra. La Casa Encendida & CGAI / Mostra de Cinema Periférico – [S8])
- Canciones cinemáticas. Triste (1978-1996), Alaya (1976-1987), Arbor Vital (1999-2000).
- Luz sacra. Song and Solitude (2005-2006), Pastourelle (2010), Threnody (2003-2004), The Visitation (2002).
- Música cíclica: tres variaciones y un tema. Sarabande (2008), Compline (2009), Aubade (2010).
- Meditación. Variations (1992-1998), Pneuma (1977-1983), Love’s Refrían (2000-2001).

La imagen dialéctica: Hollis Frampton (Leer las imágenes, leer el tiempo. Museo Reina Sofía)
Straits of Magellan: Drafts & Fragments (Panopticons) (1974), Apparatus Sum (Studies For Magellan #1) (1972), Winter Solstice (Solariumagelani) (1974), Otherwise Unexplained Fires (Memoranda Magelani) (1976), For Georgia O'Keefe (Pares Magelani) (1976), Not The First Time (Tempera Magelani) (1976), Tiger Balm (Memoranda Magelani #1) (1972), Gloria! (1979).

4. Anthology Film Archives:
George Landow AKA Owen Land, Program 1: Early Films by George Landow (1961-62). Fleming Faloon (1963). Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc. (1965-66). Diploteratology Or Bardo Follies (1967), The Film That Rises to the Surface of Clarified Butter (1968). Institutional Quality (1969), Remedial Reading Comprehension (1970). What's Wrong With This Picture? (1972). Thank You Jesus for the Eternal Present (1973).
George Landow AKA Owen Land, Program 2: A Film of Their (1973). Spring Tour Commissioned by Christian World Liberation Front of Berkeley California(1974). No Sir, Orison! (1975). Wide Angle Saxon (1975). In the Environment of Liquids and Nasals a Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops (1976). On the Marriage Broker Joke as Cited by Sigmund Freud in Wit and Its Relation to the Unconscious or Can the Avant-Garde Artist Be Wholed? (1979). Noli me tangere (1984). The Box Theory (1984).
George Landow AKA Owen Land, Program 3: Dialogues, or A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind (2007-09)

Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 1: Globe (1969). Looting For Rodney (1994-95). New York Street Trolleys 1900 (1999). Let There Be Whistle Blowers (2005). Disorient Express (1996).
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 2:
Windows (1964) & The sky socialist (1964-68).
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 3: The Scenic Route (2008) & The Guests (2008).
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 4: Another Occupation (2010) & Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy; Bye Molly (2005).
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 5: Gift of Fire: Nineteen (Obscure) Frames That Changed The World (2007). “Slow Is Beauty” - Rodin (2009). America at War, The Home Front: Film Opening (2011)
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 6: Berkeley to San Francisco (2009). Dr. Toothy's New Entranceway (2010). Toothy Two (2010). Elbow Dance (2010). The Near Collision (2010)
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 7: Anaglyph Tom (Tom with Puffy Cheeks)(2008)
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 8: Pushcarts of Eternity Street (2006). The Pushcarts Leave Eternity Street (2010). Amorous Interludes: His Favorite Wife, Improved or, The Virtue of Bad Reception (2008). Hanky Panky January 1902 (2007). NYMPH (2007). Alone At Last (2008). The Discovery (2008). We Are Charming (2007). What Happened on 23rd Street in 1901 (2009). Capitalism: Slavery (2006). Capitalism: Child Labour (2006).
Ken Jacobs in 3 Dimensions, Program 9:Fair and White (Partes I, II, III, y Extra. 2010)

[Optic Antics. The Cinema of Ken Jacobs Michele Pierson, David E. James y Paul Arthur + DVD: Ken Jacobs: 3 features and a short (Electronic Arts Intermix)]

Joyce Wieland, Program 1: Larry's Recent Behaviour (1963). Peggy's Blue Skylight (1964). Patriotism (1964). Patriotism Part II (1965). Barbara's Blindness (with Betty Ferguson) (1965). Water Sark (1965).
Joyce Wieland, Program 2: 1933 (1967). Cat Food (1967). Sailboat (1967). Hand Tintin (1967-68). Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968). Dripping Water (con Michael Snow) (1969).
Joyce Wieland, Program 3: Reason over Passion / La Raison avant la Passion (1969)
Joyce Wieland, Program 4: Pierre Vallières (1972). Solidarity (1973). A & B in Ontario (con Hollis Frampton) (1984). Birds at Sunrise (1986).
Joyce Wieland, Program 5: The Far Shore (1976).

Hapax Legomena, Program 1: (nostalgia) (Hapax Legomena I. 1973). Poetic Justice (Hapax Legomena II. 1972). Critical Mass (Hapax Legomena III. 1971).
Hapax Legomena, Program 2: Traveling Matte (Hapax Legomena IV. 1971). Ordinary Matter (Hapax Legomena V. 1972). Remote Control (Hapax Legomena VI. 1972). Special Effects (Hapax Legomena VII. 1972).

Marie Menken, Program 1: Visual Variations on Noguchi (1955). Hurry! Hurry! (1957). Glimpse of the Garden (1957). Dwightiana (1959). Bagatelle for Willard. Maas (1961). Notebook (1962-63). Mood Mondrian (1961). Eye Music in Red Major (1961). Andy Warhol (1965).
Marie Menken, Program 2: Wrestling (1964). Moonplay (1962). Drips in Strips (1961). Go!Go!Go! (1962-64). Lights (1964-66). Sidewalks (1966). Excursion (1968). Watts With Eggs (1967). Arabesque for Kenneth Anger (1961).

White Light Cinema (2011):
- The Complete Films of Fred Camper (Two Screenings).
Program One: A Sense of the Past: Short Films by Fred Camper (1967-1976): Joan Goes to Misery (1967), A Sense of the Past (1967), Dan Potter (1968), Welcome to Come (1968), Bathroom (1969), Ghost (1976). Program Two: Fred Camper’s SN: SN (1984).

- Gate Shock: New and Rare Films by Luther Price: Inkblot #40: Sleep (2011), Andy Warhol (2004), Sorry – Walking the Cross “Quatch” (2011) Sorry #3 (2011), Gift Givers (2008), The Mongrel Sister (2007), Fancy (2006), Domestic Blue (2005).

Films of Chick Strand (Alternative Visions. Pacific Film Archive)
Eric and the Monsters (1964), Angel Blue Sweet Wings (1966), Mosori Monika (1970), Kristallnacht (1979), Fever Dream (1979), Cartoon le Mouse (1979), Artificial Paradise (1986), Señora Con Flores / Woman With Flowers (1995).

Paul Sharits: An Open Cinema BAM/PFA (Berkeley Art Museum y el Pacific Film Archive)
- Early Work: Word Movie/Flux Film (1966), Razor Blades (1965–68), T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (1968), Inferential Current (1971).
- Midcareer Work: Analytical Studies III: Color Frame Passages (1973–74), Shutter Interface (1975), Tails (1976)
- Late Work: Epileptic Seizure Comparison (1976), Apparent Motion (1975), 3rd Degree (1982).

[DVD: Paul Sharits - Mandala Films + Gunvor NelsonDepartures + Christopher MacLaine - Beat Films (Re:Voir)]

5. DVD: The Complete Works of Joyce Wieland, 1963-86 (CFMDC y la Cinémathèque Québecoise) + John Smith 3 DVD Boxset + Peter Gidal Performance of Sorts With Brecht, Volcano, Denials (LUX).

Publicaciones: October nº 135-138 + Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet. Escritos, Manuel Asín (Intermedio) + Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance and Film, A. L. Rees, David Curtis, Duncan White, (Tate Publishing).

6. Postminimalist cinema (Centre Georges Pompidou 2011-2012)
- Le Paradoxe de Zenon: le film comme medium seriel. New York Windows (Mel Bochner, Robert Moskowitz), Film-Montagen I (Peter Roehr), T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (Paul Sharits), One second in Montreal (Michael Snow). Presentado por Eric de Bruyn.
- Le Film comme performance / La Performance comme film: Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square (Bruce Nauman), Hand Movie (Yvonne Rainer), Hand and Process Series (Richard Serra), La Pluie (Marcel Broodthaers), Fall I, Los Angeles (Bas Jan Ader), Fall II, Amsterdam (Bas Jan Ader), Broken Fall(Geometric) Westkapelle Holland (Bas Jan Ader), Nightfall (Bas Jan Ader).
- Topologies: Horizons. Sunset to Sunrise (Dan Graham), Land Art (Gerry Schum), Hard Core (Walter de Maria), 12 Hours Tide Object with Correction of Perspective (Jan Dibbets), Horizon I – Sea (Jan Dibbets), Vibrating Horizo (Jan Dibbets), Songdelay (Jan Dibbets).
- Topologies: Cadre. Window (Jan Dibbets), Frame (Richard Serra), Railroad Turnbridge (Richard Serra), Three Frame Studies (Vito Acconci), Mirror (Robert Morris), Wind (Joan Jonas), Gas Station (Robert Morris).
- Topologies: Au-delà de cette limite. Wavelength (Michael Snow), Spiral Jetty (Robert Smithson), A Study of the Relationships Between Inner and Outer Space (David Lamelas), Au-delà de cette limite (Marcel Broodthaers).
- Une séance à New York au Hunter Collage: Information (Hollis Frampton), Process Red (Hollis Frampton), Snowblind (Hollis Frampton), Heterodyne (Hollis Frampton), From Loops (Robert Huot), Short Shave (Michael Snow), Catfoodv (Joyce Wieland), Hand Tinting (Joyce Wieland).

Gregory Markopoulos. Gammelion (Presentado por Mark Webber) (Centre Georges Pompidou)

Helga Fanderl (Centre Georges Pompidou)
I (2007-2011). Gravitation II, Laub, Rost, Container, Gläser, Güterzüge, Kreuzung, Gasometer I, Gelbe Blätter, Im Brunnen, Hochzeitswalzer, Vodoo, Kakibaum im Winter.
II (2007-2008). Wassertanz II, Für M, Schmetterlinge, Nach dem Feuer II, Skulptur und Wasser.
III (2002-2006). Grabmäler, Broadway, Pflasterzeichnen, Golfhaus, Bleierne Wellen, Schatten auf roter Wand, Schlittschuhlaufen, Warriors Mark, Louie, Gletscher. Sesiones presentadas por Helga Fanderl.

[Le film (camp) comme interprétation. Normal Love (Jack Smith). Normal Love (1963). + Marc, O. Closed Vision (Marc, O.) (Presentado por André S. Labarthe) + Adolpho Arrieta El crimen de la pirandola, La imitación del ángel, Le Jouet criminal. (Centre Georges Pompidou)]

Stephen Dwoskin - The Physics of Displacement (LUFF 2011) Courts #1: C-Film (1970), Jesus Blood (Never Failed Me Yet) (1972), Just Waiting (1975). Courts #2: Chinese Checkers (1964), Trixi (1969), Girl (1965). Dyn Amo (1972). Outside In (1981). Further and Particular (1988).

7. Perles noires (Cinémathèque Française)
Abandoned (Joseph Newman), Afraid to Talk (Merry Go Round) (Edward L. Cahn), Allô... l'assassin vous parle (Hubert Cornfield), Les Amants du crime (Felix Feist), Les Amants traqués (Norman Foster), Among the Living (Stuart Heisler), Bodyguard (Richard Fleischer), Colère noire (Frank Tuttle), Crashout (Lewis R. Foster), Dangereuse Enquête (Harold Schuster), Dans l'ombre de San Francisco (Norman Foster), Dans la gueule du loup (Robert Parrish), L'Emprise (Jack Bernhard), L'Etranger dans la cité (Robert Stevenson), Feu rouge (Roy Del Ruth), For You I Die (John Reinhardt), Guilty Bystander (Joseph Lerner), Ils ne voudront pas me croire (Irving Pichel), L'Implacable (Robert Parrish), Johnny Stool Pigeon (William Castle), Larceny (George Sherman), Le Mur des ténèbres (Curtis Bernhardt), Okay America (Tay Garnett), Un pacte avec le diable (John Farrow), Pitfall (André de Coth), Le Rodeur (Joseph Losey), Shakedown (Joseph Pevney), Strangers in the Night / The Devil Thumbs a Ride, La Tigresse (Byron Haskin), Trafic en haute mer (Michael Curtiz), Traqué dans Chicago (John H. Auer), Undertow (William Castle), The Underworld Story (Cy Endfield), The Web (Michael Gordon).

Jean Grémillon (Österreichisches Filmmuseum)
Alchimie (1952-54), André Masson et les quatre éléments (1957-59), Chartres (1923), Gardiens de phare (1929), Gueule d’amour (1937), Haute Lisse (1956/62), Jean Grémillon: Die Künste , L’Amour d’une femme (1954), L'Étrange Monsieur Victor (1938), La Maison aux images (1955), La Petite Lise (1930), Le Ciel est à vous (1944), Le Six juin à l’aube (1945), Les Charmes de l’existence (1950), Les Désastres de la guerre (Die Schrecken des Krieges) (1951), Lumière d’été (1943), Maldone (1928), Nach dem Krieg (1945), Pattes blanches (1949), Remorques (1939-1941).

8. Views from the Avant-Garde (NYFF)
Mención especial para: Señora con Flores / Woman with Flowers (1995/2011, Chick Strand), Light Licks: By the Waters of Babylon: I Want to Paint it Black (Saul Levine), Jerome Hiler & Nathaniel Dorsky, Words of Mercury (Jerome Hiler), The Return (Nathaniel Dorsky), The Matter Propounded, of its Possibility or Impossibility, treated in four Parts (David Gatten), By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging (David Gatten), Betzy Bromberg: Voluptuous Sleep (Betzy Bromberg), Klaus Wyborny: Studies for the Decay of the West (Klaus Wyborny), Ernie Gehr, Crystal Palace, Thank You For Visiting, Mist, ABRACADABRA (Ernie Gehr), Picture Taking (Ernie Gehr), Ken Jacobs: Seeking the Monkey King (Ken Jacobs), Landfill 16 (Jennifer Reeves), Back View (Vincent Grenier), Tableaux Vivants (Vincent Grenier), Armoire (Vincent Grenier), Conjuror’s Box (Kerry Laitala).

9. The Night and the Day: Italian Experimental 1905-2010 (Österreichisches Filmmuseum)
- Ich bin die Maschine, Programm 1: Amor pedestre (1914). Farbkopie, Lingotto Fiat (1924-25). Velocità (1930/31). Il ventre della città (1932). Vertigine (1950). Voy-Age (1964). Baraccone (1968). Secondo il mio occhio di vetro (1971).
- Die Ekstasen der Kamera, Programm 2: La malattia del sonno [1905?]. In giostra (1950). Spatiodynamisme (1958). Fünf Olivetti-Werbespots (1965-70). Macrozoom (1968). Versus (1968). Film a strisce (la petite mort) (1976). IN/CONTRO/LUCE (1976). Filmfinish (1986-89). Lido (2003).
- Home Movies, Programm 3: In casa, febbraio 1927 (1927). Frammenti elettrici no. 1 - Rom (Uomini) (2001). Frammenti elettrici no. 2 - Viet Nam (2001). Bobina circo (1940). Ciao ciao (1967). Gasoline (1970). Into the House (1975/2010). Uomini e onde (1991). Quattro stagioni (1999). Quasi niente (1997).
- Der Mann ohne Kamera, Programm 4: Tre tempi di cinema astratto (1951). Black is (1965). Black out (1965). Moonblack (1965-68). Film sans caméra F.S.C. No. 1. (1974). Film stenopeico (L’uomo senza macchina da presa) (1973-81-89). Film n. 13 (1981-85).
- Der Körper des Films - Found-Footage-Ekstase, Programm 5: La verifica incerta (1964). Soglie (1967-78). Karagoez - catalogo 9.5 (1979-81).
- Der Körper des Films – Nachrichten, Programm 6: Radiogiornale n° 2 (1934). Cinegiornale (1967). Vietnam (1967). Black TV (1964-68). Scusate il disturbo (1968). Homo sapiens (1978).
- Der menschliche Körper, Programm 7: The Vincenzo Neri Medical Collection (1908-28). La neuropatologia (1908). Film perduto (2008). Il caso Valdemar (1936). Momenti principali di un’isterectomia addominale (1949-51). Quando l’occhio trema (1988) . Black plus X (1966). A corpo (1968). Nelda (1969). Dolce vagare in sacri luoghi selvaggi (1989-2009).
- Schauspielerkörper, Programm 8: Hermitage (1968). A Charlie Parker (1970).
- Erotika, Programm 9: Morfologia del fiore (1942). Frammenti elettrici no. 3 - Corpi (2001). Le Court-bouillon. 4ème Partie (1964). Dirt (1965). Trasferimento di modulazione (1969). Tob & Lia (1969). Pussicat Atmosfere (1996). Interlinea (2008). Febbre (2010). Amore asimmetrico (1990). Rouge (1998).
- Der dionysische Körper, Programm 10: Il paradiso (1911). Kri-Kri fuma l’oppio (1913). Se l’inconscio si ribella - rivela (1967). Orgonauti, evviva! (1968-70). Positano (1969). Dove incominciano le gambe (1974).
- Dérive / Drift, Programm 11: Ferragosto a Varazze (1928). Terra Animata (1967). Il reale dissoluto (1972). La notte e il giorno [Kurzversion] (1973-76). Urbino Memoriale (1996). The Looney Plunger (The 1300 Meter Loop) (2002).

[What is Film: Programme 11-15 + What is Film: Programme 16-19 + What is Film: Programme 20-23 (Österreichisches Filmmuseum)]

DVD James Benning, American Dreams (lost and found) & Landscape Suicide (Filmmuseum)

Cinéma du réel:
America is hard to see.
And So They Live (John Ferno, Julian Roffman), A Bronx Morning (Jay Leyda), Footnote to Fact (Lewis Jacobs), Halstead Street (Conrad Friberg), Heart of Spain (Leo Hurwitz), In the Street (Helen Levitt, James Agee, Janice Loeb), Manhatta (Paul Strand, Charles Sheeler), Mechanical Principles (Ralph Steinner), Millions of us. A Story of Today (Tina Taylor, Slavko Vorkapich ("Jack Smith")), Native Land (Paul Strand, Leo Hurwitz), People of the Cumberland (Jay Leyda, Sidney Meyers), Pie in the Sky (Ralph Steiner), Protest, The Quiet One (Sidney Meyers), Redes (Fred Zinnemann, Emilio Gómez Muriel), Valley Town (Willard Van Dyke), With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain (Henri Cartier-Bresson), Workers Newsreel. America Today and The World in Review, Workers Newsreel. Bonus March, Workers Newsreel. Detroit Workers News Special 1932: Ford Massacre, Workers Newsreel. Hunger: The National Hunger March to Washington, Workers Newsreel. The National Hunger March, Workers Newsreel. Unemployment Special, The World Today: Black Legion (Shadow of Fascism over America) (Ralph Steiner, Willard Van Dyke), The Young Fighter (Leo Hurwitz).

Exploring Documentary: Le Poème documentaire. 50 Feet of String (Leighton Pierce), A Child ’ s Garden and the Serious Sea (Stan Brakhage), Deer Isle #5: The Crossing (Leighton Pierce), La Deuxième femme (Bobine J) (Pierre Clémenti), Doldrums (Rudy Burckhardt), Easter Morning (Bruce Conner), Guacamole (Chick Strand), Haiti (Rudy Burckhardt), Khaneh siah ast (Forough Farokhzad), Lemon (for Robert Huot) (Hollis Frampton), Light Show Films – Cornucopia (Ken Brown), The Magic Sun (Phill Niblock), Los Matachines - Tarahumaras 87 (Régis Hébraud, Raymonde Carasco), Mobile Men (Apichatpong Weerasethakul), Montgomery, Alabama (Rudy Burckhardt), Positano (Bobine 30B01) (Pierre Clémenti), The Pursuit of Happiness (Rudy Burckhardt), Red Shovel (Leighton Pierce), Sodom and Gomorrah, New York 10036 (Rudy Burckhardt), Souvenir souvenir... (Bobine 27) (Pierre Clémenti), Square Times (Rudy Burckhardt), Under the Brooklyn Bridge (Rudy Burckhardt), Weegee's New York (Arthur "Weegee" Fellig), You Can Drive the Big Rigs (Leighton Pierce).

10. Resíduos (Exd'11 / Cinemateca portuguesa - Museu do cinema)
Sesión 1. Die Donau Rauf (Peter Nestler), Wie Macht Man Glas (Handwerklich) (Peter Nestler), Pour mémoire (La Forge) (Jean-Daniel Pollet).
Sesión 2. Fabrication de l´acier (Producción Gaumont), Hands Scraping (Ricard Serra), Poussières (Georges Franju), Steerlmill / Stahlwerk (Ricard Serra), Winter Solstice [Solariumagelani] (Hollis Frampton).
Sesión 3. Landspcae for Fire (Anthony McCall), Les Mains négatives (Marguerite Duras), Los Pascoleros – Tarahumaras 85 (Raymonde Carasco, Régis Hébraud), Yek Atash (Ebrahim Golestan).
Sesión 4. Rundown (Jane Crawford, Robert Fiore), Studien Zum Untergang des Abendlands (Klaus Wyborny). Sesión 5. Coreopsis (Pat O’Neill), Staub (Hartmut Bitosmky).
Sesión 6. Wasser und Wogen – Ein Querschnttsfilm (Albrecht Vicktor Blum), At Sea (Peter Hutton).
Sesión 7. In Quest of Meat Joy (Carole Schneemann), Fresh Kill (Gordon Matta-Clark), The Queen of Sheba Meets The Atom Man (Ron Rice).
Sesión 8. Reverberation (Ernie Gehr), Signal- Germany on the Air (Ernie Gehr).
Sesión 9. Shiranuki Kai (Tsuchimoto Noriaki).
Sesión 10. Uit Het Rijk Kristallen (J.C. Mol), Cornouailles (Pierre Perrault).
Sesión 11. Contre-Courant (Jean-Daniel Pollet), Memo Mori (Emily Richardson), London (Patrick Keiller).

The Films of Robert Breer (Exd'11 / Cinemateca portuguesa - Museu do cinema)
I. Fantasmagorie (Émile Cohl, 1908), A Man And His Dog Out For Air (1957), Un miracle (1954), Recreation (1956), Jamestown Baloos (1957), Eyewash (1959), Blazes (1961), Horse Over Tea Kettle (1962), Breathing (1963), Robert Breer (rushes de Hiroshima vive le cinéma) d'André S. Labarthe.
II. Homage to Jean Tinguely's 'Homage to New York' (1960), Pat's Birthday (1962), Fist Fight (1964), Stockhausen's Originale: Doubletakes. Peter Moore (1964-94).
III. Form Phases I (1952), Form Phases II (1953), Form Phases IV (1956), 69 (1968), 70 (1970), 77 (1977), Gulls and Buoys (1972), Rubber Cement (1975), Fuji (1974).
IV. LMNO (1978), TZ (1979), Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons (1980), Trial Balloons (1982), Bang (1986), A Frog on the Swing (1989), Robert Breer (1992), Sparkill Ave! (1993), Time Fles (1997), Atoz (2000), What Goes Up (2003).